Rachel and David - couple photography session near Hull

Romantic photography session near Hull with Rachel and David
couples photography session with Rachel and David
Couples photoshoot with Rachel and David

Having spent the last few months concentrating my time on Weddings due to an awesome summer season, I'm finally able to take bookings for couples, engagement and family sessions over the autumn through to spring. Any photographer will tell you that the summer can basically consume your time with bouquets, shoes, rings, cars, churches, best men, bridesmaids to the point where this job is basically your life! And who is complaining? Not me (but maybe my family a little!!) So we are all starting to get a little normality back into out post wedding season lives and this means I can now enjoy having some fun with family and couples photography sessions once again.

Rachel and David were up for doing anything yesterday. We met just outside of Hull in the countryside. We aimed for the golden hour (to those non photographer geeks like me - golden hour is the time before the sunsets) and we spent a little time doing some really natural portrait shots of each of them before getting down to business. David brought along his guitar as a prop and gave us a warm up with his really cool strumming.

We had loads of fun shooting them both together. Before we met, I sent over a couple of videos from a fantastic american photographer called Jana Williams that I had seen on you tube. It was a great way to show the couple how to pose and gave them some time to practice their posing before the shoot so thank you Jana!! As you can see the initial shots look amazing and totally natural without losing their own personal identity. They are a really cool rock and roll couple so I wanted to keep their personalities in my images.

I can't wait to get working on the rest of these images and if you want something similar please get in touch. xx

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