Yorkshire, Sheffield | Wedding Photography workshop | Lucy and Rich

This year has started off amazingly for me. I am exactly where I want to be right now in terms of my wedding photography, with a fantastic mix of new weddings to shoot in Hull, Yorkshire and further afield. But still just enough for me to keep my work-life balance under control. Having four children (3 babies) means that balancing being a photographer and a mummy is all about getting the juggle just so...

Just before the wedding season kicks off in April with an amazing couple I am following around Leeds for the day, I decided it would be a great idea to start the season with a workshop. Last season I was restricted to half day wedding coverage due to babies and feeding etc so going into this season I wanted to be well armed and ready to pounce (in a non obtrusive manor of course).

I found S6 Photography online and love this mans work! He gets it, really gets it... So I jumped at the chance to spend my Sunday with Jon and a group of like minded photographers to spend the day sharing thoughts, picking brains and best of all I got to drink tea at my leisure (not when the children allow).

I would really recommend this workshop to any up and coming wedding photographers as it's a great way to share specifics on this subject. In my opinion, whether new or well established, knowledge is always the bomb. And the complimentary pizza's and kit-kats are a bonus too!

Here are some amazing shots of our couple for the evening, Lucy and Rich. We were really spoilt with their amazing looks and they are a lovely couple too. Lucy is wearing a gorgeous wedding gown by Sheffield designer, Kate Beaumont with hair and make up by the super talented Jenn Edwards who covers Chesterfield, Derbyshire and Sheffield.

It's a hard life....

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